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Alpha TAU

Alpha Tau Medical LTD is an Israeli medical device company that focuses on research, development, and commercialization of Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy) for the treatment of solid cancer. The Alpha DaRT technology was developed in 2003 at Tel Aviv University.

Alpha DaRT enables a highly potent and conformal radiation treatment for solid cancer. Directly inserted into the tumor, the Alpha DaRT seed releases high-energy doses over a range of a few millimeters enabling a treatment that spares the surrounding healthy tissue. In addition, research has not shown systemic side effects.

The Alpha DaRT treatment has several significant advantages:


Highly potent and conformal - 

The Alpha DaRT seed releases short-lived Alpha emitting atoms. These atoms emit high-energy Alpha particles which destroy the tumor. Since the atoms hardly diffuse in healthy tissue, Alpha DaRT mainly affects the tumor, sparing the healthy tissue around it.

No negative systemic effects - 

Promising preliminary clinical results showed no systemic side effects and minimal damage to healthy tissue.


Proven efficacy for all solid tumors tested - 

Preclinical studies have found the technology to be effective and safe for various indications, including tumors considered to be resistant to standard radiotherapy. The size of Alpha DaRT seeds is similar to fiducial markers enabling the treatment of small tumors and metastatic lesions.


Effective regardless of tumor oxygen level – 

Alpha radiation has proven efficacy independently of cell cycle stage and oxygenation level of the tumor. Hence, the Alpha DaRT treatment can be applied to hypoxic tumors which show great resistance to gamma radiation.


Short half-life – 

quick clinical outcome - Thanks to the short half-life of Radium-224 (3.7 days), Alpha DaRT achieves quick clinical results within few days only.


Single-session treatment - 

Alpha DaRT can be applied under local anesthesia in a short single session.

Enables combination with other therapies – 

Proven in preclinical trials, efficacy, and overall survival rate can be further improved by combination treatment of Alpha DaRT with other modalities such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Stimulates systemic anti-tumor immunity – 

Tumor destruction by Alpha DaRT has shown to stimulate anti-tumor immunity which is responsible for the elimination of distant metastases.

Safer for caregivers – 

The level of exposure to gamma radiation during and after the treatment has proven to be negligible. This ensures higher safety for both the patient and the physicians.


Ultra-minimally invasive applicators – 

The company has developed ultra-minimally invasive applicators that can be utilized for various types of tumor within different anatomic areas.


Cost-effective - 

Since Alpha DaRT applicators are disposable and the treatment does not require capital equipment or special shielding, Alpha DaRT will be available to millions of patients worldwide.


Alpha Tau Medical LTD has developed the first Brachytherapy using alpha radiation for the treatment of solid cancers, including pancreatic cancer. The treatment, Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-Emitters Radiation Therapy), is under clinical development in the EU, Asia and in the United States.

Clinical trials have already started in Italy and Israel, confirming the efficacy and safety of the treatment.

HekaBio K.K. has invested in and established Alpha Tau Medical K.K., a joint venture with Alpha Tau Medical LTD, for the purpose of selling a highly potent and conformal alpha particle beam-based cancer treatment in Japan.


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