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About Us

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HekaBio is a unique platform for healthcare innovation in Japan,
created by a diverse group of multicultural experts

We invest in leading oncology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular innovations from around the world and accelerate commercialization in Japan

Our Mission

Empowering patients by accelerating

access to global healthcare innovations


Credit of photo:Louvre Museum,

CC BY-SA 2.0 FR,

via Wikimedia Commons

Meaning of "Heka"

In Egyptian mythology, Heka is the personification of healing and magic. Heka literally means “engaging the spirit or vital force”.

Credit of photo: Esna_Tempel_13.jpg:

Olaf Tausch derivative work: Oltau, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons 


Our Core Values


We maintain internal and external relationships built on common goals,

mutual respect, open communication, trust and teamwork



We approach situations with a positive attitude, acting on needs and

opportunities to deliver inspired solutions


We are proactive self-starters who are accountable for results

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